Online Browser Games Which You Probably Should Not Be Playing Next To Your Girlfriend…

With the advance of flash technology and recent development in the browser games industry, erotic games went to the next level. Since game data is stored online and there is no need for downloading or installing anything on your computer, the entertainment is more readily available then ever. Plus, browser history can be easily erased. See Agar io hack.

Some could have doubts about the quality and playability of such games, based on the assumption that sex itself is not good enough an enticement to draw players attention. However, most game developers are fully aware of the fact that a boring game simply will not make the player return. The Internet is full of sex-related content, so in order for a game to stand out, it needs to have good entertainment value.

Some of the most popular erotic browser games are:

1) Strip poker

A well known variety of poker, known and played also in the real world. The rules are simple: you play poker with a sexy girl as your opponent. Each time when one of you loses, one part of clothing is removed. The ultimate aim is, of course, to see the girl naked.

2) DreamStripper 3D

It is not exactly a browser game but more like a striptease simulator: an ideal solution for those unwilling to spend money or not having the time to go in a strip club. It is up to the player to choose an outfit for the stripper girl (e.g., a cop, a student or a nurse outfit). All you need to do next is to select the track, and simply sit back and relax in front of the computer screen, waiting for the show to begin.

3) Erotic Island

For those who enjoy stronger emotions. The main character in this browser game is a very rich, but unattractive guy. After his father?s death, he becomes a successful businessman and desires to lead the life of a true playboy. Your task is to attract as many hot and horny girls as possible.

4) Lula: the Sexy Empire

Lula is a famous porn films producer and director, who decided to expand her empire. The ultimate goal in the game is to help her open a new business branch. The game scenario is divided into three parts. Firstly, the player needs to collect enough money so that Lula can leave her hometown. In the second part the heroin starts producing movies. In the grand finale she is able to start up her dream new business, but let us not reveal too many details…

Online browser games stir up a lot of controversy. They are often criticized for violent or pornographic content that is definitely unsuitable for children, yet almost impossible to censure. Well, erotic games? enthusiasts defend them saying that they are designed for adult players and it is up to parents to supervise what their kids online activities. Without a doubt they are an easy and relatively harmful way to fulfil one?s deep fantasies…Article Source:  is a third year landscape architecture student who above all loves writing. When not busy with homework and article writing, she likes to play classic 80’s skill games. Click here for more info on online browser games.